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Tower Solutions


Wecom Inc. is an Arizona licensed contractor and we specialize in building and maintaining communications towers throughout Northern Arizona and Southern Nevada. We construct and lease communication towers that are built for quality, superior communication, and longevity. Sites we have constructed include: Gray Mountain, Meadview, and Smith Peak. Some of our partnered towers and sites include: Aubrey Peak, Golden Valley, and Yucca. These sites provide advanced communication services throughout the entire globe.

With over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing, our in-house engineers will help you build a communications tower to support your desired application. Our towers provide services for cellular, PCS, two-way radio, paging, wireless data, microwave relays and more. You will be provided with a tower that not only supports the latest technological innovations, but is built to withstand the elements.

Our services include tower construction, maintenance, antenna and transmission line installation, site grounding, and tower lighting. We also offer tower inspection services and site safety inspections for preexisting towers. Our engineers can also construct communication buildings and shelters to help stay ahead of the constantly evolving communication industry. We provide the best in structural design to support superlative in-the-field performance. Employing the highest quality materials and advanced engineering techniques is only one of the ways we stay ahead of the competition. The other? Our competitive prices. At Wecom, you can raise a superior communications tower for less.

Whether you need to construct a custom tower, are looking to lease, or need a spare part for your preexisting structure, call us for a consultation. We pride ourselves on our professional customer service, which is why our partners love working with us.

Wecom’s current communication tower network is spreading throughout the greater Arizona and Nevada areas. We would love for you to become a pioneer in our expansion movement.