Carry more information, faster.

High bandwidth, low latency, carrier-ready solutions.

Carrier Services Solutions


Wecom Inc. prides itself on being a highly respected service provider. We provide private WANs, Point to Point transport, Direct Internet Access, hosted exchange and more. We deliver these services over microwave wireless, fiber, TDM, and Ethernet. To make your network transport more efficient, reliable, and secure, choose Wecom Inc.’s carrier services. We offer the best service and quality and are both affordable and scalable to fit your needs. Additionally, Wecom supports an SLA of 99.999%.

We offer high bandwidth, low latency fiber or Ethernet hand-off communications back-haul, which means your network will carry more information faster. High bandwidth means more data will be supported by your network interface, and low latency means that a plethora of information can be downloaded and uploaded swiftly.

We offer both IPv4 and IPv6 BGP routing and IP assignment and SWIP through ARIN. Redundant long-haul connections offer reliability, ensuring that should your primary path of communication fail, a back-up path is in place. Not only that, but our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center monitors your network, ensuring maximum up time and link quality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. That means we partner with you for the long-haul in order to keep your network as up-to-date, secure and efficient as possible.

If your network is slow and unpredictable, let us come in and create an infrastructure that guarantees better communication through superior technology. We guarantee superior communication solutions and first-rate customer service that help corporations, organizations and agencies to excel at their business. Our record speaks for itself; we are partners with high-profile institutions like these: