Pinal County Leaders join Wecom Fiber to Inaugurate High-Speed Broadband Project in Superior

Wecom fiber’s CEO: “We stand ready to work with you to make sure we reach every single unserved & underserved home, school, police department, & business in Superior & Pinal County. We don’t pick the most profitable or easiest areas– we want to serve everyone.

December 1, 2023

SUPERIOR — Wecom Fiber was joined Friday by Superior Mayor Mila Besich, Pinal County Chairman Jeff Serdy and others at a ribbon cutting to celebrate the launch of a high-speed broadband pilot project to connect critical community anchor institutions in Superior. These locations include the Superior Enterprise Center, Superior Chamber of Commerce, local Police and Fire Departments, Town Hall, Superior Kearny Justice Court, and the Public Library.

 This project reflects Wecom Fiber’s commitment to bring high-speed fiber internet to Arizona communities that lack adequate affordable internet connections and bridge the digital divide.

 The pilot project is the first phase in Wecom Fiber’s plan to connect all unserved and underserved homes and business in Superior. In late 2024, the State of Arizona, through the Arizona Commerce Authority, will allocate approximately $1 billion to build broadband infrastructure to unserved and underserved rural and tribal locations across Arizona. This funding is a game-changer for improving digital access to business, education, and healthcare services. Wecom Fiber is poised to apply to the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program, to expand this pilot project across Superior and other eligible areas in Pinal County, thereby ensuring widespread and equitable internet access.

 “Wecom started as a small family business to improve communication service in Mohave County Arizona more than 67 years ago,said Paul Fleming CEO of Wecom Fiber, “We stand ready to work with you over the next year to make sure we reach every single unserved and underserved home, school, police department, and business in Superior and Pinal County. We don’t pick only the most profitable or easiest areas within a county – we want to serve everyone.”

 “We were told by industry leaders that there was no return on investment for Superior to have Broadband,” said Mayor Mila Besich. “We are truly blessed, on behalf of my colleagues on the council, my staff, and every resident, to Wecom for making this investment in Superior.”

“Wecom Fiber’s initiative to connect key institutions significantly benefits Superior and is bringing it on par with the rest of the valley. Just because you live in a rural area doesn’t mean that you are not able to have everything they have in the metropolitan area, and this makes a level play for them,Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors Jeff Serdy said, “The next step is connecting Superior residents to fiber broadband because this means everything to students, public safety to business. Everyone is going to benefit from this.”          

 “The improved connectivity brought to us by Wecom will help to foster innovative ideas from our community by providing access to a vast pool of resources and information.” Said Arlynn Godinez Program Director of the Superior Enterprise Center, “It will foster collaboration, and enable entrepreneurs and small business owners from all over the Copper Corridor to explore new ideas and technologies.”

  “Broadband connectivity is crucial for local development as much as it is critical,said Bryan Seppala of Resolution Copper. “We are thankful for Wecom’s investment and commitment to Superior because together we are going to be able to achieve and diversify its economy.

 We’re excited to partner for this pilot with Wecom,said Jessie Arroyos with the Chamber of Commerce. “Our goal is to provide infrastructure for business owners and students to be able to use the fiber broadband to connect locally and globally to expand ideas and opportunities.

 This launch paves the way for Wecom Fiber to bring reliable, high-speed internet to Superior and greater Pinal County.


Wecom is a leading local provider of fiber internet service. The company’s mission is to provide homes and businesses with the fastest, most reliable internet service throughout our rural service area. Wecom was recently awarded the 2022 Readers’ Choice Best of Kingman award.

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