Connecting Arizona to Wecom Fiber

We're building and expanding our fiber network to perfectly fit your business needs.

Unlimited Data

Unlike the other guys, we have no data caps--that means no overage charges!

WiFi Fiber Router

Advanced WiFi router with IQ - manage your network from an easy to use app.

No Annual Contract

No term commitment or high-cost termination fees.

Local to Arizona

Wecom loves Arizona. Our fiber network is on it's way to rural communities that need it most.

Wecom Fiber available at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park

Wecom Fiber for Business provides Unlimited Data, Low Latency, Symmetrical Download and Upload Speeds on an all-new fiber network built and supported by a local company with local support!

No bundling required, no hidden fees, and no annual contracts.


Fast 1 Gig Fiber Internet connected directly to your business! Reliability you can count on with unlimited data and low latency.



Double your Fiber Internet speed with 2 Gig symmetrical. Connect even more devices and transfer business data faster than ever before.



Connect to major data centers or connect multiple locations with Wecom Dedicated Circuit options. Contact our team for a custom quote.

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*Wecom Fiber plans feature Unlimited Data, Symmetrical Download and Upload Speeds, No Bundling Required, No Hidden Fees, and No Annual Contracts. Connect today with a local company, local support, on a brand new fiber optic network.

Looking for Fiber at Home?

Wecom Fiber is Connecting Arizona to fast, reliable, affordable all-fiber internet service.

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