Broadband Internet & Transport

Connecting Schools, Hospitals, Your Business.

Broadband Internet

Business Broadband provides access to the highest quality Internet services. Streaming media, VoIP (Internet phone), gaming, and interactive services. As more business applications are moving off-site to centralized data centers or hosted cloud environments, broadband access to business locations is in highest demand.

Wecom specializes in critical, high-reliability Internet connections with robust features including:

  • Always-on, always-ready connections
  • No data caps for upload or download usage
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • Low latency, low jitter, and an iron-clad Service Level Agreement
  • Peering with the top providers to give customers the best routes

Next-Generation Broadband Delivery

Wecom uses next-generation fiber optic and microwave wireless systems to deliver Internet and Transport services.

Fiber Optic Delivery

Connect to the Internet using Wecom’s next-generation fiber optic network with speeds up to 10 Gbps. That’s 2,000x faster than a standard Metro Ethernet service! Fiber services provide the lowest latency and highest throughput available. Learn more about Wecom’s Leased Lit Fiber offering.

Microwave Wireless Delivery

Wecom does wireless better. Our microwave wireless network provides redundant, high-bandwidth, low-latency, secure connections to the most rural of locations.

What are the advantages of wireless broadband access? Higher speed than DSL or Cable can offer in remote areas. Flexibility to easily scale and grow as your business requirements change. Upgrades can be provided in short time, not weeks or months.  Faster and Less Expensive to get connected. No trenching, long distance cabling, or extensive engineering process is required.

Transport (Point to Point, Private WAN)

Securely and cost effectively connect all of your remote office’s resources together using a Private Wide Area Network (Private WAN or PWAN) saving your business both time and money.  Wecom utilizes a combination of fiber optic and microwave wireless delivery methods to connect remote locations with ease.

Replace expensive, complicated VPN services that rely on the public Internet or low-bandwidth T1 circuits with a secure, always-on, Private WAN or Point-to-Point circuit from Wecom.