Fiber Optic Networks

Long-haul and Metro Fiber Connectivity

Wecom provides solutions to today’s connectivity challenges at the speed of light – on our network, or yours.

Leased Lit Fiber Networks

Wecom provide next-generation Internet and transport connectivity to customers through it’s Leased Lit Fiber offering.  The fiber optic connection to the customer premise is “leased” from Wecom and connected to Wecom’s powerful core network.  Wecom’s Leased Lit optical services are provided through industry-leading switching and routing platforms from the largest carrier manufacturers.

Leased Lit Fiber services can provide high-speed, low-latency, and extremely reliable Internet transit from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps to schools, hospitals, clinics, and libraries.

Dark Fiber Networks

Customer critical applications may require a direct, Dark Fiber connection between campuses, buildings, or associated organizations.  Wecom provides high-quality, fusion-spliced, and terminated Dark Fiber connections based on customer project demands.  Our team helps to develop a Scope of Work which completely addresses the customer’s current and future projected connectivity needs.

Dark Fiber Networks allow customers to implement any size bandwidth or technology including optical interfaces from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps or advanced DWDM systems.

Fiber Testing

Wecom maintains certified and calibrated fiber optic testing equipment designed to pass fiber networks with the most critical of demands.  Our team can test and certify Wecom-provided, customer-owned, or pre-terminated fiber cables and networks.

Endpoint devices used in Leased Lit Fiber Transport Networks provided by Wecom include embedded RFC2544 test methodology and Y.1564 activation testing.

Fiber Splicing and Repair

Fusion splicing precisely aligns and fuses two fiber optic ends together. Wecom deploys fusion splicing over mechanical splicing, which only “holds” two fiber ends together, to ensure the highest quality and lowest-loss over fiber optic cables.  Wecom offers small and large scale splicing and termination services.