Welcome to the Wecom Fiberhood

We’re powering even more homes with high-speed fiber internet across Arizona.

Unlimited Data

Unlike the other guys, we have no data caps. That means no overage charges!

Wi-Fi Fiber Router

Advanced Wi-Fi router with IQ. Manage your network from an easy-to-use app.

No Annual Contract

No term commitment or high-cost termination fees.

Local to Arizona

Wecom loves Arizona. Our fiber network is on its way to rural communities that need it most.

Arizona…Pardon Our Dust. Construction Is Proof of Progress

We’re dedicated to putting our customers first at all times, especially during the construction process as we continue to build the Wecom Fiberhood. As we build our fiber network across Arizona, you’ll hear from us every step of the way.

The Wecom Fiber team will proactively reach out to you (personal visits, mail, email, door hangers, or signs) to let you know when it’s time to “pardon our dust.” Our fiber map is constantly updated with the latest information on what neighborhoods we’re serving so you can stay informed easily.

If you see us in your neighborhood or have questions or concerns during the construction process, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help. Simply contact us using our website contact form, or give us a call at (928) 753-3829.

How to Recognize Us When We’re in the Neighborhood

Our five-step plan to get fast, reliable internet to your door.


We’ll let you know
we’re in the


We will begin construction and place fiber in your neighborhood and just outside of your home.

Consult with Sales

Meet with a sales professional to customize a package for you.

Customer Notification

We’ll notify you when it’s time for home installation.


You’re connected to blazing-fast fiber from Wecom.


What is a “right-of-way” or a “Utility Easement”?

You might be wondering about those designated areas around town where utilities like ours can access and maintain lines. These areas are called utility easements, and we work closely with the city to navigate them as we build our super-fast fiber network.
Here's a quick breakdown:

  • A utility easement is like a special agreement for a small part of your property. It gives Wecom Fiber the right to access and maintain our fiber lines there. Think of it as a dedicated pathway to the best internet experience!
  • These easements are permanent restrictions, so they stay with the property even when sold. While we have the right to use that space for our fiber lines, we don't own the land – it still belongs to you!
  • Just a heads up, you might also hear the term "right-of-way." This refers to any public pathway in the city, including streets, sidewalks, and yes, even utility easements. These areas are designated for shared use to keep things running smoothly for everyone.

If you have any questions about easements or how Wecom Fiber will be using them in your neighborhood, feel free to reach out to us.

What do flags in my yard mean?

You might have noticed colored flags or markings appearing in your neighborhood. These flags are placed by utility companies to help us at Wecom Fiber identify the exact location of underground utility lines.
By following these markings during construction, we can ensure the safety of your property and avoid any damage to essential utilities. Here's a quick guide to understanding the different colors and what they represent:

  • White: This color marks areas designated for future excavation by Wecom Fiber.
  • Pink: These temporary markings are used for surveying purposes only.
  • Red: This color indicates the presence of underground electrical lines, cables, conduits, and lighting cables.
  • Yellow: Be cautious! Yellow markings signify the presence of natural gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or other flammable materials.
  • Orange: If you see orange markings, there might be communication lines, alarm or signal lines, cables, or conduits buried underneath.
  • Blue: This color represents the location of potable drinking water lines.
  • Purple: This color signifies the presence of reclaimed water lines, irrigation systems, or slurry lines.
  • Green: Finally, green markings indicate the location of sewer and drain lines.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we bring Wecom Fiber to your neighborhood!

How long do the flags stay?

In Arizona, flags are valid for 15 working days to ensure accuracy throughout the construction process. If construction last longer than 15 days, the area will be remarked. We'll handle this refresh process as needed to keep the markings up-to-date.

Will I be notified before flags are placed?

At Wecom Fiber, we strive to keep our communities informed throughout the construction process by sending a mailing with details before our team arrives.

Heads up:
Before construction begins, city crews and contractors will need to access the utility easement on your property to mark existing underground lines. While Wecom Fiber will inform you of our construction schedule, these initial markings might not be accompanied by a separate notification.

How long will construction in my neighborhood last?

Every community has a unique layout, with varying complexity for underground utility access. This, along with city planning regulations, can impact construction timelines. While some areas might see crews quickly, others require more extensive planning and design.
We understand the desire for a specific timeframe. Unfortunately, unforeseen factors like weather or unexpected obstacles can also influence the schedule.
For current information on your neighborhood's progress, visit our interactive fiber map.

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Wecom Fiber Progress Map for Residential Services.

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Please contact us for details on connecting your business, enterprise, government, or carrier communication locations.

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