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Fiber Optic Transit and Transport

Wecom’s next-generation network relies on a fiber optic backbone with fiber optic and fixed wireless last mile.  Our network delivers mission-critical optical services ranging from dark fiber, leased lit fiber, and transit services over leased lit fiber. Wecom engineers are versed in designing both rapid-deployment and custom application fiber optic networks.

Fixed-Wireless Network & Technology

Wecom’s suite of services is based on fixed-wireless technology. We offer a wide-range of business-class network services designed to meet bandwidth requirements for companies of all sizes, with up to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) speeds. The fixed-wireless technology we use is different than Wi-Fi, in that it can provide more bandwidth, cross a larger geographic area, with higher reliability and quality of service guarantees.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Just as an airplane flies over a crowded freeway, fixed-wireless networks avoid the “traffic jams” of hard-wired networks to stream high-speed data, voice and Internet services to customers with remarkable simplicity and reliability. Fixed-wireless services can be installed in a matter of days, and the network is extremely scalable, so customers have the ability to easily increase bandwidth on an on-demand basis.

How does Fixed Wireless work?

Wecom delivers its integrated services over a wholly owned last-mile network. Within each market, Wecom builds multiple base stations to provide service for its customers. Wecom base stations broadcast and receive data through Access Points, which are typically located atop tall buildings to ensure maximum range. The signal is received by another radio – Subscriber Units (SUs) – at the customer’s location. Each base station covers up to a five-mile radius, approximately 78 square miles of coverage.

For customers who require higher bandwidth or dedicated connection between two locations, Wecom deploys point-to-point service in both the licensed and the licensed-exempted spectrum. Point-to-point service can reach up to 30 miles with clear line of sight. Unlike wireless broadband services for residences, Wecom’s high-speed data and VoIP services travel securely via Wecom’s private network, ensuring that Wecom customers are receiving true, business-class service that is both safe and secure.

The Fixed Wireless Advantage
Wecom’s service differentiation is based on the simplicity of its fixed-wireless network.