Engineering & Construction

Tower Construction, Modification, and Build-Out


Wecom, Inc. offers many construction services including but not limited to:

  • Tower Construction
  • Tower Services
  • Site Construction
  • Antenna and Transmission Line Installation
  • Site Grounding
  • Tower Lighting
  • Tower Inspection Services
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • Communication Buildings and Site Shelters

Wecom is an Arizona and Nevada licensed contractor.

Engineering & Technical Services

Wecom, Inc. is a licensed and bonded telecommunications contractor serving the Southwest for over 35 years. Our engineering services include but are not limited to:

Electronics engineering

Offering the design and building of networks with turn key installations.


Consulting services for both new and existing systems.

Site design

  • Site acquisition, zoning, construction permits, environmental permits, BLM and State of Arizona consultations.

Tower design and engineering

Tower design and engineering including structural analysis.

R F path calculations and design

We will do all microwave path analysis and path proofing.

System design including microwave

We make use of our knowledge to come up with the lowest price available for a specific job.

Television Relay Design

We design, sell, and service television facilities.

Technical Services

  • Certified Technicians
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Licensed
  • iNARTE (International Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics) Certified
  • NABER (National Association of Business and Educational Radio) Certified
  • IPC Certification
  • Telecommunications system repair
  • Mobile and two-way repair
  • Microwave troubleshooting and repair
  • Cellular system troubleshooting and repair
  • PCS system troubleshooting and repair
  • Sweep testing
  • Interference and spectrum analysis
  • Ground testing services and repair
  • Antenna system testing and repair

PIM & Sweep Testing

PIM Testing

PIM (Passive Intermodulation) testing has become a standard requirement for most carriers. With today’s wireless systems the use of low PIM components is an absolute necessity, and performing PIM tests is the only way to guarantee your system will be operating at 100% and meet industry standard specifications as well as providing a baseline for future maintenance and troubleshooting. Utilizing the latest calibrated and certified PIM testing gear, Wecom ensures that high bandwidth RF systems for AWS, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, and LTE operate with reliable proficiency and freedom from random distorted signals. Prevent lost calls, failed access attempts and reduced throughput by having your network PIM tested by Wecom certified PIM professional technicians.

Sweep Testing

Sweep testing consist of several measurements including Return Loss, Cable Loss, DTF (Distance To Fault) testing and more. Sweep testing can be performed on individual components, multiple components or the complete system. Sweep testing is required to insure that new installations and repairs are performing at maximum performance and meet industry standard specifications as well as providing a baseline for future maintenance and troubleshooting. Wecom offers sweep testing in multiple bands by certified, trained, professionals. As with PIM testing, sweep tests help to protect the cellular network against lost calls, failed access attempts, and reduced throughput. Contact Wecom today to schedule your cell site sweep tests

Fiber Optics

Fiber Testing

Wecom maintains certified and calibrated fiber optic testing equipment designed to pass fiber networks with the most critical of demands.  Our team can test and certify Wecom-provided, customer-owned, or pre-terminated fiber cables and networks.

Fiber Splicing and Repair

Fusion splicing precisely aligns and fuses two fiber optic ends together. Wecom deploys fusion splicing over mechanical splicing, which only “holds” two fiber ends together, to ensure the highest quality and lowest-loss over fiber optic cables.  Wecom offers small and large scale splicing and termination services.