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Today’s businesses need to be technologically savvy in order to stay competitive. Wecom Inc. offers state-of-the-art products, cutting-edge technologies, and reliable network support that drive financial growth. From business broadband to tower construction, Wecom Inc. offers the telecommunications solutions your company needs in order to thrive. Make your business’s financial success your first priority.






From education to healthcare
Wecom has a variety of solutions to meet your broadband needs.

Solutions for:
Education & Government
Business & Enterprise
Carrier Services
Tower Sites
2-Way Radio & Public Safety







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Tower construction.
One of Wecom's many construction-based services.



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Education & Government
Business & Enterprise
Carrier Services
Tower Sites
2-Way Radio & Safety
Business Broadband
Carrier Network
PIM & Sweep Testing
Engineering & Technical
Translator Services
Site Leasing
Voice Solutions
Hosted Exchange
Reseller Program
Technology Partners
Wecom POP (Kingman)
Christmas Tree Pass
Getz Peak
Gold Road Crest (Oatman)
Golden Valley POP
Potato Patch
Hayden Peak
Radar Hill
Upper Goat Hill
Smith Peak

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