Frequently Asked Questions

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Wecom Residential Internet provides flexible, affordable wireless coverage throughout your home for all of your wireless devices. Click, stream, tap your favorite content with a fast, reliable fixed wireless connection.

Our Stance on Network Neutrality

Wecom is committed to an open and positive Internet experience for our customers. In addition to not implementing data caps, we promise our customers that there will be:

  • No blocking of legal content
  • No throttling of applications, protocols, or services, as long as they do not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • No unfair discrimination
  • Transparency in our customer practices

We stand by an open Internet because it’s good for our business, and our customers expect and deserve it.

Is wireless reliable?

This question gets asked a lot! The technology we use for delivering high quality services to your household or business is NOT the same type of wireless you find in your computers or devices. We use carrier grade wireless technology which is engineered for the maximum amount of up-time and can automatically adapt itself to accommodate for weather or other changing environmental aspects.

Wecom technicians and engineers have decades of experience in deploying point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless infrastracture. 

What gets installed for residential and small/medium business internet?

Our services are delivered via fixed wireless, from our towers to your home or business. Our professional technicians will install a small wireless subscriber unit on your roof and run a cable from that unit to the inside. You can connect that cable directly to your existing router, computer, or device.  If you would like WiFi coverage for your devices, you will need a wireless router. Image: Small Wecom Subscriber Unit connected to a roof mount.

I rent or lease - Do I need permission from my landlord to install?

Depending on your landlord or property manager’s lease agreement, you may need permission to install Wecom wireless services on your roof. A digital landlord approval letter can be requested online at

What type of router should I get for my home?

Our service uses a standard ethernet cable with RJ-45 connector to plug into your router. Any ethernet WiFi router that does not say Modem on it will work with our service. Modems for DSL or Cable providers are not compatible with our service.

Some compatible options are listed below, but your options are not limited to these. We do not have a specific recommended brand, these links are provided for your convenience.

NETGEAR WiFi Routers for Home

Linksys Wireless and WiFi Routers

Google Wi-Fi Systems

eero WiFi Router

If you have any questions, or would like to have us confirm a specific router model number, please request help at

Do I need a phone line or cable connection?
Wecom internet uses carrier-grade wireless subscriber units to connect your home or business to our network. No phone lines or cable lines are required to connect to our Internet service. Wecom’s professional technicians will install an ethernet cable from our rooftop subscriber unit into your home or business.
Important Information about VoIP, E911, and Compatible Devices

Enhanced 911 through Voice over IP providers, such as Wecom, operates differently than 911 through traditional providers. By regulation, 911 is provided to all Wecom voice service customers. By dialing 911, our service automatically sends your callback number and address to a 911 operator. Customers may update or confirm this information at any time by contacting Wecom support. If 911 is accidentally dialed, remain on the line to advise the dispatcher. VoIP requires Internet service and power at your location. An interruption in Internet service or power may result in the inability to dial calls, including calls to 911. Voice over IP uses the Internet instead of traditional copper telephone lines. Because of this, systems that use internal modems such as fax machines, security systems, medical alert devices, or telephone line modems, may not work correctly. Cellular or eFax solutions exist for security, medical alert, and faxing devices. For more information on alternate technology, please contact our support team. Customers on Voice over IP systems, such as the system that Wecom uses, cannot receive collect calls.

Do you have NAT limitations or block ports or services?
In most circumstances, customers will experience no NAT errors between our subscriber unit and the Internet. Any configurations and port forwards may be set in your router. If you experience a NAT, NAT-type error or are having difficulty forwarding ports, please contact support at We believe in an open and positive Internet experience for our customers. We do not purposely block any services, applications, or ports. If you believe a block or issue exists, please contact support at  
Are there any data caps or usage limits?
We can proudly say no, there are no bandwidth limitations on your Internet service with Wecom. You can connect your PCs or game consoles in confidence to our low-latency, high speed network. Please note that hosting commercial services such as websites on residential packages is strictly prohibited and against our Terms of Service. Commercial services may only exist on business packages.
Can I get a Static IP?
Home Users: Most home users will not need a Static IP for basic web browsing. If you are requesting a Static IP for viewing security cameras remotely, or access other systems in your home, an alternate option is to register for a Dynamic DNS service. 1. Contact Wecom Support to confirm your NAT type is OPEN. 2. Register your router with a service like or for Dynamic DNS If Dynamic DNS is not an option, a Static IP can be allocated to residential customers for $2.00 per address. Business Users: Static IP addresses are available for $2.00 per address. Quantity limitations may apply.
Wecom IPv6 Connectivity
IPv6 is short for “Internet Protocol Version 6”. IPv6 is the Internet’s next-generation protocol, designed to replace the current Internet Protocol, IP Version 4. Not only does IPv6 resolve the world IPv4 depletion issue, it includes a plethora of added features including better security, better network performance, and eliminates the need for Network Address Translation (NAT). IPv6 is running on the Wecom network and is available to customers with our latest generation subscriber units. For additional information, please contact our support team at
What is your billing cycle?
Wecom generates new invoices in advance and on the 1st day of each month. Invoices are NET20 terms and are due by the 21st. Example: An invoice is generated January 1st for January’s Internet service. That invoice will be due January 21st.  The next invoice will be generated February 1st and be for February’s service. If you start new service after the first day of the month, your first month is prorated from the first day of service to the last day of the month. That invoice is also NET20 from the date created.  You will receive your next invoice on the following 1st of the month. Our billing team can help clarify any billing questions you have.

Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability speeds and are based on wired connection to subscriber unit. Actual customer speeds may vary based on a number of factors and are not guaranteed. Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area.

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